About Us

Rubellite Trade Routes PVT LTD :- is working as a marketing company since 2017 - Before lockdown (Covid-19) We were an established company in product base (more than 200 products like Fmcg, health supplement, food supplement and agriculture products were managed by our company)

Why RTR converted business type from physical products to online product:- In lockdown period we notices the income of leaders, working in product base concept come to zero RTR analyzed that if lockdown period due to (covid-19) increases in our country than what will happen with our product base leaders? Their future seems to be very dark. Till now our country leaders were working on three types of networking.


In All these three types of networking in our country leaders were facing many problems like.

Products Base : - Every leader have to be present in field to sale products in lockdown.
  • which is very dangerous for him, his family, society and nation.
  • A leader have to struggle for at least 2-3 years to generate smart income and people don’t have So Much time.
  • Approx. 90% of our leaders were failing to achieve their targets and were not earning Handsomely.